Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feathered Friends

I'm just gonna admit it, I love Katy Perry. I just do. No excuses. What I especially love about her is the AMAZING 1940's hair accessories she wears all over town. I have a feeling that stores are beginning to taking notice and soon these feathered hair clips will replace those Gossip Girl inspired bow headbands that are beginning to clutter up our closets. Enjoy!

From Angie Hearts

From Begurple

From Piper Ewan Girly Girl Fashions

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yiqin; said...

I'd lvoe to put feathers on my head too! But the UO ones are really out of my budget! :( Well, I'll keep searching! Awesome post <3


what a great dress, thanks for your wonderful comment. xoxo ♥

mary said...

It's stuff like that I aspire to make some day, until then I'll continue plain ribbon and button headbands. I love love the first one with the feathers and the urban one with the netting

WendyB said...

Love the blue one.

That Girl said...

I adore vintage headwear :D


kate said...

Fantastic looks! I am a headband fanatic myself and have discovered, which has the most gorgeous selection of headbands, clips and flowers I've seen anywhere.
This company alone is responsible for my obsession!