Thursday, October 9, 2008

Follow Your Nose

Most "make your own beauty product" shops bring up
visions of waxy lip gloss and overpriced body glitter . The Perfumer's Apprentice does not.This cozy little perfume workshop,located in Santa Cruz, has HUNDREDS of scents, and let you test and sample till your heart's desire(not to mention the delicious complimentary tea and cookies, which I demonstrate below).

I know, I know
so attractive,right?
After you finish your masterpiece,you walk out the door with a body spray and roll on bottle of your scent. The best part? (besides the smug satisfaction of informing people that the divine aroma they are smelling, is in fact, you) They keep your scent recipe in their database, so that you can pop in and request a refill of your tailor-made scent.

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