Saturday, November 1, 2008

Darkness Falls Across The Land, The Midnight Hour Is Close At Hand

Should I just accept the award for least updated blog now or later? Don't answer that. Anyway, Halloween was yesterday (had to say that just in case anyone living under a rock was reading this...wait, does anyone even read this anymore? I can't blame them,with the last post being what? About 3 weeks ago!!!) and this year I was pretty low key about it, being that the majority of my friends were gone to a volleyball tournament and my shortage of spare time. But never less,here is my Halloween night recap:

Spider Ring Cupcakes I made for my sister's dance (Making a dozen cupcakes is fun. But 200 cupcakes for a bunch of preadolescences who are too busy attempting to grind on the dance floor to notice the excellent piping job? Not so much)

I was even low key with my costume! I was planning on making a costume entirely out of candy/candy wrappers (sort of like Project Runway meets Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus) but alas, no time. So instead my friend and I passed out candy and delighted every little girl under 12 by dressing up as Miley Cyrus(originally to be trashy/slutty Miley, but again,the little kids)/Hannah Montana. Everyone loved one noticed Miley. I can't blame them,but I was a bit disappointed because I cleverly held a frame with this picture:

with "Just Friends" written on top. It went right over their heads,but oh well.It was a fun night of blaring "Best of Both Worlds" from the house and giving out empty Wonka Nerd boxes to those who refused to wear a costume yet still demanded candy ( a beloved tradition in my house).

My absolute favorite part of last night: my pumpkin.This year I went for a Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" theme. It took quite a long time to do,but totally worth it.

The night was finished off with watching Sweeney Todd and eating all the leftover candy we had(we strategically gave out all the Tootsie Rolls,but kept the Reese's). Hope you all had an awesome holiday!

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Sydney Speel said...

i love arcade fire!

LML said...

sounds like a fun night:) love your cupcakes - i def apprieciate your piping job and they look delish!

yiqin; said...

Make cupcakes for me too? :P They look amazing!