Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camp Cupcake

Chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting and a smores on top.
Aka Smores Cupcakes

Currently Listening To: Gotta Find You - Jonas Brothers
I was considering lying and claim to be listening to some really cool and indie song, but no, this is what I'm listening to as a type. And yes, I did watch Camp Rock (just like I'm going to go at midnight to see High School Musical 3, in costume no less) I figured if you're going to be lame, be lame all the way. Hmmm, possible senior yearbook quote?
Yay yay yay! ( I swear I have an fixation with saying things x3)going to the Alameda Vintage Fair on Sunday. I hope I'll have a bunch of lovely things to show ya'll when I come back!

Golden Calf


thetinylittlegirl said...

ok i really want to eat that cupcake right now.

good luck finding vintage goodies, make sure you post pics!

Sam said...

oh my, that looks so delicious!
i might just have to make those.

Times of Glory said...

That is sooooooo yummy! And I love Gotta Find You! Good luck finding some gorgeous pieces from the fair! It sounds super cool xxx

yiqin; said...

Zac & Vanessa are one of the cutest couples around! Mmhmm I LOVE burnt marshmallows!

LML said...

yummmy! that makes me really hungry!

AusAnna said...

if i lived in the us thats all i would eat