Friday, July 4, 2008

Coin Operated Boy

Usually my family has a typical 4th of July, filled with fireworks and barbecue galore. This year we got a bit lazy and decided at the last minute to go Fisherman's Warf for the day.
The first thing I did as soon as I got there was run (well...not really because it seems like EVERYONE else had the same "low maintenance" idea as us to spend the 4th by shopping and eating clam chowder until it came out their ears) to Steve & Barry's, since I just had heard the day before that they may be going bankrupt . I had never been and it appeared that "restocking" was not a priority, but I still found a couple good basic things. So thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker. After that we were all a bit famished , we after refilling the parking meter we headed over to Boudin Bakery (remember my "If you're going to be lame, be lame all the way" line? well replace "lame" with "touristy" and you've got my motto for the day) and enjoyed some delicious lunch. I got the tomato soup, which I wasn't too excited about eating until I saw it:

Hey, it's the 4th right? You can eat whatever you want. After that my family took me to an AMAZING place. It's called the Musee Mecanique (or the Mechanical Museum) and it's basically a warehouse filled with old penny arcade games and machines. It has everything from peep shows to executions. I can't even describe it, you've just got to go and see for yourself. But I did make a little video to give y'all an idea of how wonderful it is (keep in mind that I threw this thing together about an hour ago and I'm pretty sleep deprived, so it's not exactly a Spielberg production). Enjoy and I hope you all had a lovely Independence Day.


Golden Calf

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Richel said...

mmm, that soup bowl looks delicious.

yiqin; said...

Soup in a bread bowl is AWESOME! Ohyes, my bf called me crazy for wanting to dress up for Batman! I wanted to buy a cape & all :(

thetinylittlegirl said...

that soup looks so yum! did you eat the whole bread bowl too?? i know i would have haha!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Love the bitten line
the clothes are great
hope you had a good 4th

jess said...

the soup looks good. is that bowl made of bread?

jess said...

the soup looks good. is that bowl made of bread?

Sam said...

mmm that soup looks yummy!
that fireworks photo is really cool.

LML said...

that soup in a bread bowl looks delish!

Times of Glory said...

Dear, that soup looks super yummy! I have to fight with you for that xxxxx