Saturday, September 6, 2008

Award Shows and Nothing to Compose

Ugh, still having trouble finding "inspiration" (I feel so lame saying that word, but it's true!).I think it's just that whole tricky transition between summer and fall (it's 90 degrees out, but I want to wear all my new coats and sweaters!).
Luckily tomorrow is my absolute favorite award shows, the VMAs (I wish I was cool and only into the whole "indie" music scene,but I love Kanye and all those "generic" rappers way too much. Not that I dislike indie music, I absolutely love it.) So I'll be sure to have a post with my take on the best and worst dressed of tomorrow night! My predictions: Rihanna will look amazing, Jonas Brothers will have their typical mix and match outfits, and there will be lots of 1920's inspired garb.
Until tomorrow night!
Golden Calf


Sydney Speel said...

the VMAs!

britney took home 3!