Monday, September 1, 2008

The Comeback

K, go ahead and give me the award for worst blogger in the history of earth, I deserve it. So so sorry that I haven't updated in about a month, but with the start of school and my lack of inspiration/time I just sort of drifted away. But not anymore! I am back and planning on having a real post this week and replying to all your lovely comments!

But I think we all know what I'll be doing tonight...

xoxo Golden Calf

Currently Listening To: Doo Wop That Thing- Lauryn Hill

Ohmygoodness, I discovered Lauryn Hill this weekend and am in love with her.


LML said...

omg the episode was SOOOO GOOD!! its gonna be another kick ass season :D

yiqin; said...

Ahhh I have been feeling very lack of inspirations lately as well.

Sydney Speel said...

i thought you had left the blogging world!