Monday, April 14, 2008

Flea Market Gold

Last night I was cleaning my room (a VERY rare occurrence) and found some things I had gotten at the Alameda Flea Market. I went there twice last summer and loved it! They have the best selection of super cheap antique/vintage everything! From old doll parts (yeah, kind of creepy I'll admit) to boxes and boxes of inexpensive vintage clothing (I swear I got light headed when I saw it) they have it! Here are a few things I picked up last time I was there.
I had been stressing what to wear to my spring formal last year and then I found this and it worked out perfectly. It reminded me of Mrs. Cleaver's night out on the town so I call it my "Stepford/Desperate Housewife" dress.

My mom found this one just as we were about to leave and we both fell in love with it. Although my family isn't exactly blessed with the bar tending gene, it's nice to know that we could whip up an "Angel's Kiss" with just a quick glance to the recipe on the tray.(sorry for the glare, I just couldn't get a picture without it!)
I don't believe I haven't worn this yet! I found it under my dresser and am determined to wear it this whole weekend, just to make up for lost time.

Last time I went it was by the shipyard, but I believe it moved, so to find out more info and get directions click here. Happy hunting!

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LML said...

what neat finds!!! love the telephone pic!

The Clothes Horse said...

Great dress. I love that charm bracelet.