Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gold Lions and Copy Cats


I KNOW that this is just a blatant copy of that American Apparel swimsuit.
And yes, I KNOW that I already a one piece swimsuit.
And I KNOW that I may not be able to pull it off perfectly.
But I still love it/am buying it.

I'm sort of going for this look to be like 1970's pool party at a wealthy playboy's house. ...That may sound odd because I explained my "vision"to a friend and they just kind of stared at me for a second like they were considering whether or not she should pretend that she didn't hear that and continue our Miley Cyrus pictures conversation...
-Went dress shopping today. Bought an okay back up dress, but couldn't find anything that I really fell in love with. Also bought various other things that I have no need for, including a lovely bright green romper. Rompers are taking over, I swear.
I could probably blab on a bit more but I'm pretty tired from an eventful day. So goodnight and sweet dreams!
PS: My mom tried to take a picture of me with a ridiculous hat in Forever 21. A sales clerk RAN over and said that no photography was allowed in the store, just in case other designers saw it and tried to copy them. WHAT A JOKE!!! As much as I love Forever 21, they copy just about every designer out there and are currently being sued for it! And if someone really wanted to copy them, couldn't they just go to their website?
just my rant for the day!


amber at painfullyhip.com said...

I LOVE that suit! i know exactly the aesthetic you're talking about- i bought Michael Kors suit ($29 at Nordstrom Rack, baby!) in a very similar shape in an obnoxious olive green color but with a bit of gold hardware and a keyhole at the bustline, it's so very off-to-my-vacation-home-on-the-cote-d'azure...

btw, i'm addicted to your blog now. i'm totally going to try out your berry biscotti bruschetta, it looks d-i-v-i-n-e.

ok, there are way too many dashes in this comment.

anyway, you are blogrolled, and i hope you'd like to don a Painfully Hip Zoey Deschanel site badge, I think it would match well. ;)