Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm Lovin' It!!!

I had my party on Sunday and it was pretty much hilarious. We all met up at my school and went to McDonalds (first off, I hate McDonalds and I'm a vegetarian, but I love these type of hilarious things). Everyone got Happy Meals and we ate an adorable cake that my sister made (she's only 13! I'm so proud *sniff sniff*). Then after everyone had their fun, we went to my dad's office building(random right? but it was actually perfect for this) and learned how to dance (like America's Next Dance Crew type) with an instructor. He was great and everyone got to try out some moves ( my friends and I go to a school with absolutely NO dancing,kind of like Footloose...but without Kevin Bacon aka god of 80's angst dancing). My mom also set up a mini "Sweet Shop" since it was my sweet sixteen. (candy cigarettes, circus peanuts, bazooka gum, unicorn lollipops, mini charleston chews and tootsie pops)It was SO much fun and everyone had such a good time. I was so happy with what my parents planned cause it fit me perfectly.
I'm going to be a bit busy this week but hopefully I'll be able to post on Friday. Hope everyone has a great week!
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LML said...

happy birthday!!! aww ur party seems sooo fun! love the cake - ur sister is very talented. i love doing random things like that w/ my friends too :)

MyOwnBiggestFan said...

Looked like you had a truckload of fun! I WASN'T INVITED? LOL

Your sister is an amazing baker! At 13? AMAZING. Thats a seriously amazing cake.