Monday, April 28, 2008

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Sorry for the lack of posts, last week was a school trip and this week is going to be just as crazy (finishing up the planning for my school formal which I somehow am doing all by myself. But hey, that just means it'll be just what I want right?) With all that going on I'm going with a mellow post today.

A while ago I planted my very own garden and it's been growing pretty nicely. It's pretty small (just basil,oregano,cilantro and rosemary) but I didn't want to overwhelm myself with jungle of herbs. To make it I bought a wine barrel (available at most garden stores) and drilled a couple holes in it so that the water would drain through. Then I filled it with soil. I planted both seeds and seedlings.
It just didn't look right, so I jazzed it up with some gnomes (I LOVE GNOMES!...just throwing that out there) and voila, you've got a garden.
Actually looking at the pictures I've just taken/posted, my garden looks a bit on the dry side, so I better get out there and water it! My friends and I are going dress shopping on Sunday, so hopefully I'll have something good to post on Monday! I'm thinking orange or gold, something nice and summery.
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LML said...

awww how cute! cant wait to see ur dress :)